“Azzaro RED” club is synonymous with dream weddings. If you seeek to find a restaurant to celebrate your most important day with your friends and family members, or if you have any other cause to celebrate, with no more than 200 places for the guests to sit, the “Azzaro RED” club is the ideal place for such gatherings. However, if you prefer standing, you can organize a cocktail party for up to 350 people. “Azzaro RED” is the best restaurant in Belgrade where you can find everything you need to organize a wedding reception. Your friends and family will definitely enjoy the magic interior design of the reception hall. The sparkling white color is mixed with vibrant colors on carefully chosen wall ornaments, and the wavy ceiling presents the ultra modern light show which covers the entire space.

The unique part of the restaurant is the open terrace, 400 m² big, which is the integral part of the space itself. It is located on the roof of the “RED STRIPE” business building. Are you thinking of saying “I do” under the clear sky in front of the altar covered with canopy? Choose the “Azzaro RED” and the top floor open terrace, far away from the peeking glances and stay only with the rounds of applause from your family and firends. Take a stroll down the path to the ‘heaven doors’ and put your signature in the book of people who had the most romantic wedding in the country.

 200 mesta za sedenje350 maksimalni kapacitet700 mesta kapacitet sa terasomTiffany Stolicerajska vrataOtvorena terasadnevni restoranwifi besplatni internetobezbedjen parkingvideo nadzor garazeklimatizovan prostorkulinarski specijalitetivrhunska uslugaprofesionalno ozvučenjeekskluzivna rasvetamatičar u klubupoklon vaučeriloyalty program


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