AZZARO” is a unique system comprised of five distinctive restaurants with state-of-the-art design, and it offers a magnificient support when organizing various celebrations. Our perennial experience in organizing events, extraordinary service, and top gastronomical choice guarantee unforgettable moments for all the guests who visit “JEZERO”, “WHITE”, “RED”, “BLACK”, and “GREEN” restaurants.

The restaurants themselves are intriguing because of the interior design and special lights which emphasize the richness of unusual details. Spacious dance floors and sound systems contribute to the feeling of being in a great place to have fun. Our staff members are eager to organize both small or big wedding receptions, family gatherings, birthday parties, corporate festivities, or business events. We are diligent in creating a great atmosphere and making our guests feel wonderful. If you are planning a wedding in Belgrade, and you are trying to find the best place there is, it is our sincere recommendation to visit our state rooms. There, you can make up your mind about the most exclusive place, whether you choose the restaurant “JEZERO”, the romantic “Azzaro RED club”, the glamorous “Azzaro WHITE club”, “Azzaro BLACK club”, or the traditional “Azzaro GREEN club”. The best looking restaurants and wedding reception halls are in the AZZARO system. We can make your dreams come true, because we offer more than pure knowledge. We have experience, top quality service, the good plan, and even better actualization. You will find all of that at Novi Beograd and Ada Ciganlija municipalities.

We are experienced in the field of catering industry. Since the beginning, we were dreaming about the place so good that can satisfy the needs of even the most fastidious clients. Being something like that ourselves, when it comes to good atmosphere and top quality service, we decided to create exclusive restaurants where we can host the best parties in the city, unforgettable wedding ceremonies, and corporate celebrations. To make the long story short, we wanted to form the clubs and restaurants people will talk about.

Our place, “Beogradaonica”, located in Jurij Gagarin street, No. 32, better known as “Azzaro White”, offers its services to our youngest guests. The last floor of the Red Stripe business center offers the romantic “Azzaro RED club” to our clients. If you need the modern space, with top-notch sound and light system for audio-video magic show, we offer “Azzaro BLACK club” located at Ada Ciganlija BB. For big celebrations we offer the well-known “Jezero by Azzaro” restaurant, also located at Ada Ciganlija.However, if you need something completely different, more ethno, we offer the “Azzaro GREEN Club”.

The best restaraunts for wedding ceremonies and receptions in Belgrade are now together in the AZZARO system. Our distinguished clients can choose between five specific places: “WHITE”, “RED”, “BLACK”, GREEN”, and “JEZERO”. Whichever you pick, you can count on top quality service.

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