Azzaro loyalty kartica

“AZZARO” clubs are the places to which one should say “YES” due to many reasons. Each celebration organized by us brings you our “Trust card” and you become the memeber of the “AZZARO” clubs.

As the owner of the card, you can get up to 10% discount on everything in brunch restaurans “RED” and “WHITE”, raft “GODO”, and “Beogradaonica” playhouse, along with any other place that belongs to the AZZARO system.

How to receive the card:

There are two ways how to get the discounts in our clubs.

1. You can get the “Trust card”, along with 10% discount, straightaway, if you choose one of our clubs to organize:

  • A wedding ceremony
  • A birthday party
  • A family gathering
  • A business event
  • A child’s birthday

2. If you are a standard guest of our brunch restaurants, “Azzaro WHITE”, “Azzaro RED”, and the raft “GODO”, you only need to present ten receipts from one, two, or all three restaurants, and you will get the “TRUST CARD” which allows you to get 10% discount in restaurants “RED” and “WHITE”, as well as “GODO” raft and “BEOGRADAONICA” playhouse. When you get enough receipts, ask either a waiter or our manager and you will become a member of “AZZARO” club in no time.

These discounts from the “TRUST CARD” can be used in these restaurants for all the services provided there. Moreover, you can use the discount to organize any kind of celebration in Azzaro clubs: “WHITE”, “RED”, “BLACK”, and “JEZERO”.

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