"The company is successful how successful each individual is in it"

Innovation, long-term perspective, care of people, winning mentality, not conciliation with the status quo, and personal responsibility are values ​​that we encourage and appreciate, because we consider them to be the basis of excellence and progress. Also, we are aware of the importance of motivated and professional staff, and professional development of employees is one of our priorities. Internal trainers and mentors work throughout the year to improve the knowledge and skills of our people. In accordance with the needs of the organization, we also organize external trainings.

We allow every candidate to show his best qualities and potential. Accordingly, we can determine which job corresponds to the affinities of the candidates. MI.KO.Trade-AZZARO CLUB providing equal opportunities to all candidates regardless of whether they are beginners or already have experience.

The selection procedure is defined so that all eligible candidates are invited. The number of interviews depends on the working position for which the applicant applies. Interviews are carried out, in cooperation with the managers of the Business Units in which there is an open position.

Each step in the selection process is of an elimination nature.

Candidates who meet all selection criteria can expect a job offer or record in the MI.KO.Trade-AZZARO CLUB candidate base in order to be contacted when the same or similar work position is opened. At the end of the selection process all candidates are informed of the outcome of the competition.

We offer our candidates the opportunity to fully demonstrate their abilities and initiative with the adapted candidate program and mentoring system.

If you are interested, and you are with or without experience and have completed or have enough professional practice in the following areas:

  • Economics (Finance, Sales, Procurement, Accounting)
  • Managment
  • Marketing
  • Right
  • Hotel business (restaurants, gastronomy)
  • Turism
  • Cook, waiter


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