Open balcony Azzaro RED club

This ceremony, the outdoor wedding, is becoming more and more popular. The couples are trying to find the ideal places where they can say “I do” to each other and exchange the wedding rings. There are many romantic places in this city where you can find a place like this. However, this particular enterprize calls for the additional effort, energy, money, and organization. When faced with all these obstacles, the newlyweds usually give up on their dream.

We managed to make these dreams come true by following the trends and the wishes of the brides and grooms. Nowadays, the only decision they need to make, besides the one to live together, is to host the wedding at the “Azzaro RED” club.

Altar with canopies - Azzaro RED Club

The altar with canopies is set on the large, open terrace, looking even better with the red carpet and rows of chairs. This is the place many girls dream of. The newlyweds decide about everything that will decorate the ‘heaven doors’ – the color of the canopies, flower designs, chair bows, table for the member of the registry officer, and many other details. All this gives the personal touch to the altar itself. Along with professionl designers, they can change the altar into a work of art.

AZZARO pushes the boundaries, so that the symbolic act of ‘standing in front of the altar’ can be done while the Sun sets above the city, while the band is playing jazz or acoustic tunes. We suggest, try to inspire, but we leave to the bride and groom to decide what they really want.


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