Future Set Menu



  • Salt mini muffin with cherries and cream
  • Meat pie
  • Cheese pie
  • Cornbread with cream
  • Chickens with minced meat and leeks
  • Smoked meat (smoked prosciutto, beef prosciutto, pechenitsa, Budim sausage, Srem kulen, dry pepper on pepper)
  • Choice of cheese (cheese, cream, beets with sesame and wine, Trapist, smoked French cheese, Bri, Edemar, Ementaler)
  • Spicy pepper with sour cream and sunflower seeds


  • Veal rag soup or
  • Chicken soup with leek and broccoli


  • Vitamin salad
  • Serbian traditional salad
  • Mix green salad with cherries and parmesan

Main dishes

  • "SCALOPINE" (Roast pork neck with rosemary and honey)
  • "PANTELIJA" (veal under the honeycomb with kajmak and vegetables)
  • "ROLLED VEAL" (Rolled veal with chicken in braite saft)
  • "AZZARO GRILL" (kebabs, sausages, cheese and ham cheese, chicken fillet, drumstick ...)


  • Roasted potatoes with paprika and pancetta or
  • Rice with basil

The selection includes four of the five hot dishes offered.
The menu is made up of international cuisine. There is a possibility of changes in agreement with the client.


  • Espresso (Lavazza)
  • Mineral and aerated water
  • Natural juices (Apple, Peach, Juice, Blueberry, Pineapple)
  • Non-alcoholic carbonated drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Sprite)
  • Energy drinks (Red Bull, Guarana)
  • Beer (Heineken, Tuborg)
  • Vodka (Smirnoff)
  • Whiskey (Johnny Walker Red Label, Jameson or Jack Daniel's)
  • Brandy (Wild pear, Apricot, Three years old Plum, Grape brandy, Quince)
  • Bitter & Vermouth (Pelinkovac, Campari, Martini, Gordon's dry gin, Baileys)
  • Wines - Zvonko Bogdan (8 Tamburaša, Rose, Life flows)
  • Cocktails (Pina Colada, Margarita, Mai Tai, Long Island Ice Tea, Melon ball, Cuba libre, Orgasm, La Bomba, White Russian, Aperol Spritz, Black sabbath)

The offer implies unlimited consumption of the drinks mentioned.

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